EMANUEL Maternity Pajama



EMMANUEL Maternity Pajama


🤍Many mums would ask if it is necessary to wear confinement pjs? How about just wearing regular pjs? In fact, during 2nd to 3rd trimester, your belly is getting bigger and bigger, regular pjs are basically impossible to wear. The biggest difference between confinement pjs and regular pjs is that there is a nursing port on the left and right sides, which is incredibly friendly for breastfeeding/pumping. In terms of materials for confinement pjs, please try not to choose cotton and linen blends or silk fabrics. Cotton and linen blends are not elastic enough; silk does not fit the body well. So, you need to choose Pure Cotton or Modal Cotton Jersey, something with sweat-absorbent material are most suitable.


Composition : 47.5% Cotton 47.5% Viscose Modal 5% Spandex

– Size M/L/XL/2XL


Reference Idea :

Model A – 163 cm / 63 kgs fit Size L / XL

Model B – 170 cm / 52 kgs fit Size XL


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